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Thursday, May 31, 2018


For Smith, Dell, Linly Heflin, College Counts and other scholarships, they will ask you about your college choices.  Even though you think you MAY know where you want to attend, use this guide to help you:

DREAM COLLEGE: If you have the finances, this is where you want to attend.  What makes this your "DREAM"?  Small campus?  Large campus?  Choice of major? Distance from home?  Campus organizations?

REACH COLLEGE:  With your GPA and ACT score, this is a place you can get accepted.  You see potential in this place and know that, with a little effort and some extra funding by way of scholarships, you can be successful here.  Reasons to attend here: Student-to-teacher ratio? Opportunity to become involved? Graduation rates? Distance from home? Familiarity with campus?

SAFE COLLEGE:  OK.  So your GPA is not the best, or your ACT isn't as high as you would like it to be.  Select 1 or 2 "Safe" colleges where you know you will be accepted and should have/can find funding for your dreams.  Another reason to choose a "SAFE COLLEGE" is the financial aid package you will receive.  $$$$ matters, so having options is important. These may be 4 year colleges you have visited and would consider "a good fit" or junior colleges where you can take core classes before transferring to a school with your major. 


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