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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


How's your Senior Year going so far?  We have hired some AWESOME tutors this year to help you.  

Go to this link to see who they are.  TRIO TUTORS 2016.  

We will also have tutors out in Target Area schools and at the UM Library to help you. This semester is CRITICAL for you to have GREAT grades.  Your grades from Fall 2016 will be on transcripts we send to scholarship committees and to many of the colleges you are looking at for those all important Admission Letters.  

Monday, September 19, 2016

TRIO Upward Bound September Grapevine

Here are two ways for you to read the most recent edition of the TRIO Upward Bound Grapevine.  You can click on this link to view it in an online magazine form.  
September 2016 Grapevine ISSUU

You can use the link to view it as a PDF here using this link: September 2016 Grapevine PDF 

Take the time to read it.  LOTS of GOOD information!


Tomorrow starts another Academic Year for TRIO Upward Bound with the Returning Student Orientation.  Here is the link to the schedule for Academic Sessions:  UMUB Academic Component Schedule

The buses will run as usual.  Here is the link to the schedule: UMUB Bus Schedule

We will meet on Main Quad at 5:30.  This post also has links to all the calendars you will need to be organized for the year. 

This Saturday, September 24th, we will have a Senior Spectacular Super Saturday.  Bring your Senior Binders and any letters of acceptance/important papers so we can scan them.  Here is the link to the SSS schedule for the year: Super Saturday Schedule 

Mrs. Edwards is on maternity leave, but here is the link to the Cultural Enrichment Schedule:  Cultural Enrichment Schedule Fall 2016.   Here is the link to the Community Service Schedule:  Community Service Schedule Fall 2016

Thursday, September 8, 2016


INTEGRITY...the ULTIMATE word to get in a letter of recommendation, but it's not something that can be said about everyone.

I posted this word picture on FB today, but I wanted to follow up on it for seniors.  There's a lot in the media about integrity (especially with political candidates), but it's important that you personally value INTEGRITY. It's what you have been taught at home and school.   It describes your level of honesty, commitment, and willingness to do what is right.

A simple definition of INTEGRITY is "always doing what is right even when no one is looking." It's HONOR, SINCERITY, and RESPECT in everything you do, say, write, or respond to.

Becoming a person of INTEGRITY builds over a lifetime, but as you become a person of high integrity you will gain a respect from your peers, teachers, and community.

Thursday, September 1, 2016



Use this link to view the application for the  SMITH FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP I've been telling you about. It's not due to December 1st, but the application is lengthy and only the VERY BEST applications will be forwarded to the Smith Trustees for consideration of a scholarship worth over $60,000.  

Set up your log in information (and write down the information so you can access it again).  GET BUSY!




·         Application for scholarships at student’s “preferred” universities and application to other scholarship providers must be completed before submitting your SSF scholarship application by December 1, 2016.

·         Submission of FASFA forms for 2017-18 before submitting your SSF scholarship application December 1, 2016.

To encourage students in applying for college scholarships at both their preferred institutions and with outside providers, new deadlines now exist.

We have found that many students who were eligible for college scholarships were unaware of the early deadlines for College Admission and Scholarship Applications.

FASFA applications are open October 1, 2016 for school year 2017-18 and now use 2015 Tax Information along with new IRS links to easily transfer tax required information directly into the FASFA Form.Early application to Federal and State programs can increase awarded aid by up to $2,000. Some funds are limited and awards are based upon application date as well as financial need.

See “Most Commonly Asked Questions” on the Smith Foundation website for additional information.