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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Here are some quick reminders.  

  • When you do your school shopping, remember to get a planner/organizer.  You will find this most helpful when you're applying for multiple scholarships.
  • Remember to schedule your Senior Strategy Session (1 hr. with me) to make sure all of your files are set up for the year. (Bring senior binder, pages 1-2 of parent's 1040 tax forms, and--if you have it yet--your planner)
  • If you plan to take the ACT again, here the dates:

      Test Date                              Registration Deadline
        September 10, 2016              August 5, 2016
        October 22, 2016                   September 16, 2016
        December 10, 2016               November 4, 2016
        February 11, 2017                 January 13, 2017
        April 8, 2017                          March 3, 2017
        June 10, 2017                        May 5, 2017
The cost is $42.50--you don't need to take the writing again.

Questions? Contact me at or (205) 516-5007.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Hopefully, you're starting to catch up on your rest from a busy Upward Bound Summer.  Since some of you don't have FB accounts, you may not have gotten the information of a very good blog I'm following (Hopefully, you're following THIS one) for UB Seniors.  As I mentioned this summer, I need to meet with all of you (plan 1-2 hours of time) sometime this summer BEFORE school starts.

During this Senior Strategy Session (just the two of us), we'll make sure your digital file has what will be needed for many scholarships.  We will identify specific scholarships you should qualify for.  I will also start your LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION--which you will most likely need for all scholarships.  

Call me at 205-516-5007 or email me at to set up an appointment.