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Thursday, November 30, 2017


Here are some links for new scholarships.  For students who plan to pursue degrees in STEM-related fields, there's BUNCHES of $$$

Also, make sure to scroll down in Blogspot to read about a fun scholarship--the DuctTape scholarship.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


The Dell Scholarship is a highly prized scholarship that offers qualified students who have taken rigorous coursework (HONORS, AP, and DUAL ENROLLMENT) the opportunity to earn money for college.  All of the application is online.  Here is some of the details.

Our GPA requirement is GRIT, POTENTIAL, and AMBITION

  • Grit by overcoming personal challenges in your life related to your family, school, or community
  • Potential by participating in college readiness programs (such as Upward Bound) and seeking out academic rigor.
  • Ambition by dreaming of and obtaining a college degree.
You will be asked to write short responses (about 200 words) for 8 essay prompts.  Copy and paste the prompt and then start a new document in your drive folder FIRST NAME LAST NAME DELL ESSAY #__.  Then copy the prompt and begin.  The deadline is January 15, but you should begin NOW.   
For more information, go to 


November 28, 2017

I.                College Admissions (1 may be all you need, but consider different options).
II.              Your Senior Shared Folder (in Google Drive)
A.    Your transcript
B.    Your Highest ACT score (PDF)
C.     Tax Info
D.    Essays (start them as new documents in your Drive folder so that they are shared with me.)
E.     Updated Resume
F.     College and Career Goals
G.    Photo—this needs to be a headshot or a jpeg I can edit…NOT A SELFIE!
(Some scholarships require me to send a photo of you with my letter of recommendation).  Put in your Senior Drive folder.
H.    SAR—See below for more details.
III.            Letters of recommendation—request these in advance!   
A.     Use my OFFICIAL email address (
B.     Send me information about the scholarship (if it is not one listed below)
IV.            FAFSA
A.    Log back in to FAFSA and click on your SAR report.  SAVE AS First Name Last
B.    Name SAR and put it in your Senior Drive folder.   Check to make sure there are no mistakes. 
        V.    Scholarship Updates
A.    SmithDue January 4th.  The DECEMBER 2nd Super Saturday will be crucial to get this finished.
B.    Dell Scholarship DUE JANUARY 15. 
C.    GE-Reagan Scholarship—check email for details
D.    Regions “Riding Forward” Scholarship Due February .
E.     College Counts Scholarship —Due ONLINE in March; start now.  This scholarship awards for Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment, but also income.
F.     Check email and blog for other scholarships due in January, February and March
G.   UMUB Tuition Scholarship  (One 3 hour class for 8 semesters is paid for by UM.  You must have attended UMUB ALL 4 years and UB summer every year and attend UM in the fall after you graduate to earn the UMUB Tuition Scholarship—Approximately $7,800 over 4 years)
H.    Local Scholarships (from your school, church, etc.)

VI.            College Navigator
A.    Check College Navigator ( ) to project TOTAL COST of attending selected your college.
B.    Use this information to help answer the question of why you want to attend a certain college on scholarship essays. 
VII.          Super Saturdays and Attendance
A.    Make the effort—work on Senior Portfolio, Scholarships, make up an absence!
B.    Set your priorities!

When starting documents, remember
1.    Start them in your Senior drive folder.  That way they will automatically share with me and Jamaica.

2.    Title them correctly First Name Last Name and then the Name of Prompt or Scholarship.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Are you interested for earning some $$$ for college?  Here's a scholarship opportunity for the CREATIVE (and even desperate).  Believe it or not, you can earn up to $25,000 for creating your prom attire--and there is even a category for couples!  Stuck at Prom is the coolest scholarship around.  Students (and couples) are challenged to create their own prom outfits made ENTIRELY from Duct Tape (the only brand allowed in the contest).  Then, you have to wear those outfits to the prom for the chance to win scholarship cash! 

Read the information and then look some of the winners' creations.  

To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must make their high school prom attire out of Duck brand duct tape.  Applicants must submit one photo of themselves--as a single entry or as a couple entry--in their duct tape prom attire to be judged on workmanship, originality, use of colors, accessories, and use of Duct Brand duct tape.  See website for full award and eligibility details.

Deadline:Apr 5
Range:$1,500 - $25,000