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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


The Dell Scholarship is a highly prized scholarship that offers qualified students who have taken rigorous coursework (HONORS, AP, and DUAL ENROLLMENT) the opportunity to earn money for college.  All of the application is online.  Here is some of the details.

Our GPA requirement is GRIT, POTENTIAL, and AMBITION

  • Grit by overcoming personal challenges in your life related to your family, school, or community
  • Potential by participating in college readiness programs (such as Upward Bound) and seeking out academic rigor.
  • Ambition by dreaming of and obtaining a college degree.
You will be asked to write short responses (about 200 words) for 8 essay prompts.  Copy and paste the prompt and then start a new document in your drive folder FIRST NAME LAST NAME DELL ESSAY #__.  Then copy the prompt and begin.  The deadline is January 15, but you should begin NOW.   
For more information, go to 


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