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Friday, August 17, 2018


As you prepare for graduation in may, you are about to conclude your "free" education.  And, if you don't get scholarships and file for FAFSA, college costs will seem OVERWHELMING.  Get a head start NOW by knowing the cost of colleges you are interested in attending.

This table shows the TOTAL cost (tuition, room, board, and books) for college attendance using College Navigator.  You can either use this information, or you can go to College Navigator at https://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/ and select the state and school you are interested in attending.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


I'm not a counselor, but the teacher in me likes to INSPIRE.  

Below is information and two links I think you will find helpful.  This blog inspires (and keeps me organized) of new scholarships.

This blog is GREAT for locating scholarships.  There are over 100 just for October!  Once you get to the JLV Counseling site, you can follow the blog and get updates about scholarships.  Also, I just shared a link for the October scholarships to Facebook. I will share it again here.  Again, as you scroll down the page to the bottom, you will see BUNCHES of pages of scholarships--just for October.  JLV Counseling October Scholarships.  

Get busy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

2018-2019 Dates for UB Sessions and Super Saturdays

Here are the dates for important dates for the 2018-2019 year.  

TRIO Upward Bound Programs' Academic Sessions:

TRIO Upward Bound Programs' Super Saturday Sessions:

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

ACT DATES and Information

I found out this past week that the announcement about ACT Fee Waivers is ONLY for the cost to sent your ACT scores to a college (regularly $13) for times you took the ACT with an ACT Fee Waiver.

If you have already used the 2 ACT Fee Waivers (usually June 2017 and June 2018), you will have to PAY the $50.50 to take the test again.  The required Spring ACT in 11th grade that you took at your school does NOT count toward this number.

You can go ahead and register for the September 8th ACT (must be done by August 10th).  If you have NOT used your 2 ACT Fee Waivers, contact me for a Fee Waiver Number.  Here are the dates for the rest of the year:

Monday, July 30, 2018


I know this is early, but as you start saving important dates for the year, please put this one on your calendar: 

  •    Work with TRIO Upward Bound Programs’ staff to get your FAFSA filed correctly before the Dec. 1 Priority Deadline
  •       Find out if you will qualify for a Federal Pell Grant
  •       Get the necessary paperwork done to complete scholarships.
  •       If possible, bring at least one parent to help fill out important information
  •    Bring 2017 Parent Tax Forms (if not already scanned and on file)

Monday, June 11, 2018

Scholarships Anyone?

For a substantial portion of your senior year, you will
be focusing on making good grades, creating lasting memories of high school and finding/earning SCHOLARSHIPS. 

College is expensive, and without extra funds you will be forced to take out BUNCHES of students loans. Click on the link below to find your "POT OF GOLD" for some of the most AWESOME scholarships.

Scholarships Anyone?


Scholarship "season" begins in earnest in September, but you can start NOW.  Between June and January, MOST scholarship will have deadlines. By starting early, you can compose your thoughts and make use of the editing and tutoring you can get to help you present yourself in the best way possible.  EVERY scholarship you complete gets you closer to your goal of earning the funds you need for scholarships. 

Click on the Scholarship Essay Prompts link and get started!  Scholarship Essay Prompts

As always, copy/paste into a NEW document and put it where I can edit it in Google Drive.  Once we complete the summer program, send me a text and I can edit/suggest ideas via the internet and your Google Drive.

Thursday, June 7, 2018


In order to qualify for many scholarships, you need to do something NOW--get a strong score on your ACT. For the rest of this week, ACT should be your focus. By concentrating on key skills NOW, you will open up the possibilities of scholarships available to you.

Another reason to make sure you score as high as possible on your ACT is so that you can go ahead and apply to colleges THIS SUMMER.  And, in addition to your GPA, you need an ACT of 20.  The higher your score, the more POSSIBILITIES you will have for scholarships!  

The University of Montevallo TRIO Upward Bound Programs BELIEVE in you...use your SUPER STRENGTH and SUPER STRATEGIES.

So, get busy NOW.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


So, you're a SENIOR...part of the Class of 2019 who are on track for Academic Success.  Think ahead to one year from now.  What are your goals?  Then, think about 5 years from now...and then, 10 years from now.  What are some of the major accomplishments you hope to achieve?  

In your Senior Binder is a GOALS SHEET.  Fill it out.  I will scan these and hand them back to you next week.  Keep it, along with Letters of Acceptance, Scholarship Awards, and other pertinent communication in your Senior Binder.

Thursday, May 31, 2018


For Smith, Dell, Linly Heflin, College Counts and other scholarships, they will ask you about your college choices.  Even though you think you MAY know where you want to attend, use this guide to help you:

DREAM COLLEGE: If you have the finances, this is where you want to attend.  What makes this your "DREAM"?  Small campus?  Large campus?  Choice of major? Distance from home?  Campus organizations?

REACH COLLEGE:  With your GPA and ACT score, this is a place you can get accepted.  You see potential in this place and know that, with a little effort and some extra funding by way of scholarships, you can be successful here.  Reasons to attend here: Student-to-teacher ratio? Opportunity to become involved? Graduation rates? Distance from home? Familiarity with campus?

SAFE COLLEGE:  OK.  So your GPA is not the best, or your ACT isn't as high as you would like it to be.  Select 1 or 2 "Safe" colleges where you know you will be accepted and should have/can find funding for your dreams.  Another reason to choose a "SAFE COLLEGE" is the financial aid package you will receive.  $$$$ matters, so having options is important. These may be 4 year colleges you have visited and would consider "a good fit" or junior colleges where you can take core classes before transferring to a school with your major. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


College Signing Day is quickly approaching, Seniors.  On April 16th, you will be BUSY.   The McNair Mixer is during Block I (5:30 p.m.)and then College Signing Day starts at 7:00 p.m.  Wear colors of the college you plan to attend this fall...and get ready for PICTURES.  Invite your friends and family.  SO PROUD OF YOU!

Monday, March 19, 2018


BRIDGE INTERVIEWS will be April 2 and 3.  Chilton County is out of school on Monday, April 2, so that would be the best day for Chilton students to set up interview times.  Bibb and Shelby students can select which ever day is more convenient.  We will need to be through by 4:00 on Tuesday so the staff can prepare for the session night.  Each time slot will have TWO students--so you will have a buddy during the interview.  The Interviews will take place in RAMSAY 106 (on the other side of the cafe.).  Please dress appropriately and arrive 15 minutes BEFORE your interview.  DON'T BE LATE!  

Monday, April 2

2:45--3:00 p.m.
3:00--3:15 p.m.
3:15--3:30 p.m.
3:45--4:00 p.m.
4:15--4:45 p.m.

Tuesday, April 3

3:00--3:15 p.m.
3:15--3:30 p.m.
3:30--3:45 p.m.
3:45--4:00 p.m.